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Principal Investigator (PI)
Lei Wang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences

I am an atmospheric dynamist. My research focuses on the fundamental dynamics and variability of mid- latitude atmospheric waves, especially high-impact extreme weather and climate events. I obtained a Ph.D. in Geophysical Sciences from The University of Chicago. 



We are proudly a young, diverse, and rapidly growing team pursuing research on the dynamics of extreme weather and climate.

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Zhaoyu Liu - G2



Valentina Castañeda Amaya - G1


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Ka Ying Ho - G1


Periodic Variability of Storm Tracks 

   I recevied my Bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Sciences at Chengdu University of Information Technology.

     I am interested in mid-latitude circulation and geofluid dynamics. Currently, I am working on a project investigating a regional periodic variability pattern of extratropical eddy activities located at South Pacific.

     In my personal life, I enjoy hinking, biking and watching soccer games.

Large-scale Dynamics of Heat Waves

     I am Interested in large-scale Earth's atmospheric dynamics and variability of extreme weather events. I'm currently working on the role of a planetary wavenumber 5 pattern on extreme hot weather events, which has been shown to be statistically related, although heat waves are local phenomena.  

     When I am not researching, I love to do any plastic arts, ride my bike or do whatever outside and fun activity! 

Dynamics of Atmospheric Blocking

Hello I am Ka Ying! I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with a Physics minor in Hong Kong, and have an interest in studying fluid dynamics in nature. Currently I am working on the physics behind atmospheric blocking, and its relation to the Non-linear Schrodinger’s Equation. I play the piano and violin, and I love Beethoven!

Group Resources

Group Manual 

Climate Modeling

Toolkit (software - Github based) 

Extreme Weather Atlas

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