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Principal Investigator (PI)
Lei Wang, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences

I am an atmospheric and climate dynamist. My research focuses on the fundamental dynamics and variability of mid- latitude atmospheric waves on Earth and other planets, especially high-impact extreme weather and climate events. As a weather weenie, I went to Ocean University of China for my college majored in atmospheric sciences, and I obtained a Ph.D. in Geophysical Sciences from The University of Chicago. After a postdoctoral training at Harvard, I joined Purdue faculty.



We are proudly a young, diverse, and rapidly growing team pursuing research on the dynamics of extreme weather and climate.

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Zhaoyu Liu - G3



Valentina Castañeda Amaya - G2


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Ka Ying Ho - G2


Periodic Variability of Storm Tracks 

   I recevied my Bachelor’s degree in Atmospheric Sciences at Chengdu University of Information Technology.

     I am interested in mid-latitude circulation and geofluid dynamics. Currently, I am working on a project investigating a regional periodic variability pattern of extratropical eddy activities located at South Pacific.

     In my personal life, I enjoy hinking, biking and watching soccer games.

Large-scale Dynamics of Heat Waves

     I am Interested in large-scale Earth's atmospheric dynamics and variability of extreme weather events. I'm currently working on the role of a planetary wavenumber 5 pattern on extreme hot weather events, which has been shown to be statistically related, although heat waves are local phenomena.  

     When I am not researching, I love to do any plastic arts, ride my bike or do whatever outside and fun activity! 

Dynamics of Atmospheric Blocking

Hello I am Ka Ying! I obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering with a Physics minor in Hong Kong, and have an interest in studying fluid dynamics in nature. Currently I am working on the physics behind atmospheric blocking, and its relation to the Non-linear Schrodinger’s Equation. I play the piano and violin, and I love Beethoven!

Undergraduate Researchers

Dean Calhoun (Math/EAPS): Research Assistant, OUR Grant, NOAA William M. Lapenta Internship Program, AGU poster (link). Starting Fall 2024, Dean will start his PhD program at University of Maryland Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Science.

Ken Yan (Math NYU): Research Assistant, AGU poster (link). Starting Fall 2024, Ken will start his PhD program at MIT Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences.

Will Messman (Physics/Math): 2023 Discovery Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Internship, AGU coauthor (link). Will get accepted into a REU program at Marshall University for 2024 summer.

Anh Nhu (Computer Science U Maryland): 2022 Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (SURF) program. AMS talk (link); Conference paper (link). Starting Fall 2024, Anh will start his PhD program at University of Maryland Department of Computer Science. 

Julian Toro Arenas (Environmental Engineering Universidad Nacional de Colombia): 2022 Purdue UREP-C program. AGU poster (link).

Yuke Zhang (Statistics/Math/Data Science):  2022 Discovery Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Internship, OUR Grant, AGU poster (link). Starting 2023 Fall, Yuke has started her PhD program at Boston University Center for Computing & Data Sciences. 

Valentina Castañeda Amaya (Civil Engineering Universidad Nacional de Colombia): 2021 Purdue UREP-C program. Starting Fall 2022, Valentina has started her PhD program at Purdue EAPS.

Group Resources

Open QG (link)

Diagnostic Toolkit (software - Group Github link

Extreme Weather Atlas (link)

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