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Recent Publications:

Liu, Z.*, Wang, L.: Blocking Diversity: The Distinct Roles of Diabatic Heating (submitted)

Wang, L.: Baroclinic Annular Mode in a Two-layer Quasi-Geostrophic Model (submitted)

Liu, X., Zhang, Y.G., Huber, M., Chang, P., and Wang, L., Connecting warming patterns of the paleo-ocean to our future. (submitted)

Liu, Z. *, & Wang, L. (2024). Enhanced occurrence of atmospheric blocking in the

Southern Hemisphere by Baroclinic Annular Mode. Geophysical Research Letters, 51,

e2023GL107343. Link

Castañeda, V. *, & Wang, L. (2024). The role of climatological state in supporting US

heat waves through Rossby waves packets. Journal of Geophysical Research:

Atmospheres, 129, e2023JD039212. link

Liu, Z.*, & Wang, L. (2023). Regional features of the 20–30 Day periodic behavior in the

Southern Hemisphere summer circulation. Geophysical Research Letters, 50,

e2023GL104256. Link

* represents a student mentee.

WCD Lab Student-led Papers

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