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Apr 2024: Congratulations to Valentina for being selected to participate the 2024 CESM tutorial! 

Apr 2024: Welcome Zack and Peter for joining us as MS students through Purdue Military Research Institute (PMRI)!

Mar 2024: Congratulations to Zhaoyu for winning June L. and Tan Sun (“Mark”) Chen Research Scholarship in Atmospheric Science!

Mar 2024: Congratulations to Valentina for winning the Henry Silver Graduate Student Scholarship!

Mar 2024: Congratulations to Valentina for winning an AGU Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA)!

Mar 2024: See a Purdue EAPS report (link) on Valentina's heatwaves paper.

Mar 2024: Welcome William (Computer Science) and Owen (Physics) for joining our lab this summer through Purdue SURF

Mar 2024: Welcome Yanjun for joining our lab as a PhD student!

Jan 2024: Lei is now a committee member on the Atmospheric and Oceanic Fluid Dynamics (AOFD) Committee, American Meteorological Society. Lei has been serving this committee when he was a PhD student. 

Nov 2023: Lei is supported by a Purdue Office of Research Grant for Elevating the Visibility of Research for his blocking article.

July 2023: Congratulations to Zhaoyu for winning a NASA FINESST Fellowship (link)! His proposal was titled "Investigating the Subseasonal to Seasonal Variability Pattern in the Midlatitudes."

Apr 2023: Congratulations to our research assistant Dean on receiving a NOAA William M. Lapenta Internship Program to conduct research at National Weather Service at DC!

Apr 2023: Congratulations to Valentina to be elected as the Vice President of the Purdue Columbian Student Association! The third largest student group at Purdue! Student leadership is important! 

Dec 2022: Lei was supported by an AGU Atmospheric Science Caregiver Award.

August 2022: Congratulations to Valentina on being awarded a Ross Fellowship.  

Feb 2022: Lei was invited to a Colloquium at Purdue University’s Department of Physics and Astronomy.

Nov 2022: Lei was invited to give a talk at University of Michigan's CLaSP Seminar Series.

August 2021: Congratulations to Zhaoyu on being awarded a Frederick N. Andrews Fellowship.  

Jul 2021: Lei was invited to give a talk at Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz Colloquium Series.

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